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1. (n.) The innate animal instinct that comes out while we mindlessly use social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, for hours on end.

2. (adj.) Being a really big creeper
John missed his favorite T.V. show last night because he was being creepasaurus rex on Facebook.

"Chester totally tried sneaking a peek at you at the urinal, what a creepasaurus rex!"
by dyl-pod March 24, 2010

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When someone texts a friend multiple times, creating a constant vibration on the receiver's cell phone so they can massage various parts of their body.
Friend 1 - Hey man, i have a really bad stomach ache, mind giving me a text massage?

Friend 2

by Dyl-pod February 26, 2010

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(noun) A small dust particle with arms and legs that appears to run across a persons visual field. In 2003, it was discovered that when examined with a microscope, Phyme actually possess a heartbeat similar to that of a mouse.
Plural: Phyme
omg a phyme just ran across my windshield!!

i was trying to pay attention in class, but a phyme kept distracting me lollerskates
by dyl-pod April 16, 2009

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The sudden increase in pitch at the end of a fart.
Person 1: *fart* *squeak!*
Person 2: Man! That one had a question mark on the end of it!
by Dyl-pod March 21, 2011

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