1) A place where everyone loves each other and treats each other with kindness.
2) A state of pure bliss and inner harmony with the outside world. LSD helps you get here, but you can get there on your own if you treat people right.
Some rise, some fall, some climb....to get to terrapin.
by Masonic_Lodge October 4, 2010
A small, aquatic North American turtle, once appreciated as a gourmet food. The diamondback terrapin is the state reptile of the state of Maryland and the official mascot of the University of Maryland.
"Is that a terrapin I see swimming in that moat with an otter?"
by Vix3n July 18, 2006
1.A word used to insult another person. Often describing the nature of their appearance; i.e. a fat person, slow moving person. It is also just a simple insult similiar to Egrit.
2.A familiar greeting, used amongst groups of friends.
1."Hurry up terrapin! We're gonna be late!"
2."Hey terrapin, may I have a piece of gum?"
3."Terrapin! Good to see you."
by Riland January 4, 2008
The state of Maryland, or the University of Maryland, whose mascot is the Terrapin.
"I was herbin' 'em in the home of the terrapins
Got it dirt cheap for 'em
Plus if they was short with cheese I would work wit 'em."
-Jay-Z, "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)"
by Nick D February 20, 2004
When one takes an infant turtle and surgically remove it's shell. One must then attach the shell to their back and start to make potato salad. Slather the finished potato salad over your erect penis and have your male or female partner perform fellacio. It is necessary that the stripped turtle is watching this sexual act as you arch your back and mimic the turtle's noises. When finished, superglue the shell back on the turtle and insert the turtle's head into your partners vagina and or anus until it suffocates.
"Have you noticed Barry the Turtle at the zoo has been missing for the past week?"
"Yeah, I think Beth and Jonathan used Barry for The Terrapin Potato Pop."
by JDeViz December 4, 2016
A swim team in concord, california. Chill swimmers who keep it classy and dgaf while still breaking records. Home to many superior athletes who train 4+ hours a week in a freezing cold pool. Altogether a prestigious program.
"I wish I was on a fast swim team.."

"You should join Terrapins Swim Team! Those guys are so classy!"
by alwaysclassy December 30, 2011