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1.A word used to describe something shady, sketchy, out of the ordinary in a bad way; dumpster.
2.Crazed behavior, reminiscent of that of a hoodlum's.
1."'She didn't say anything after missing the whole damn party.'
'that's hoodlumy'"
2."There was a hoodlumy person in my house this morning."
by Riland January 03, 2008

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1. A general insult. Referring to anyone that acts in an unagreeable way. Intentionally spelled Egrit (instead of Egret like the bird), simply because it is an insult.
2. A familiar greeting used amongst friends.
1."You're a fucking Egrit for taking my shoes."
2."What's up egrit?" or "Hey egrit!"
by Riland January 03, 2008

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1. A tree dwelling Egrit. General insult which may be applied to anyone.
2.A common word used amongst friends to playfully insult one another or as a greeting. Primarily used in northern Virginia USA.
1.If someone is climbing a tree, lightpost, or telephone pole, call them a Treegrit.
2."Where the hell is treegrit with my fucking drink?"
3."Treegrit! What's up?"
by Riland January 03, 2008

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1.Full of unsafeness, a treacherous area, person, item, et cetera.
2. An adjective describing anything sketchy.
"The streets are danger laden."
by Riland January 03, 2008

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1.Any one of a variety of young annoying or otherwise insufferable children in view of ones vision. Usually used in winter.
1."Look out! Some chidlings are coming!"
by Riland January 03, 2008

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1.A sea dwelling version of Egrit. Used to describe one who is stupid, while at or near the shore. However Seagrit may be used inland.
2.Like Egrit it may also be used as a greeting amongst friends.
1."Get outta here Seagrit."
2."Where's the pasta, Seagrit?"
by Riland January 03, 2008

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Ultimately the best. A seriously great thing. Something awesome. Sick Bitchin is synonymous with cool, sweet, rad, off the hook, off the chain, awesome et al. Of recent origin, it appeared in the horse country of Northern Virginia, USA.
1. "Dude that shit is sick bitchin!"

2. "How much for the sick bitchin tie?"

2. "That trick is sick bitchin."
by Riland August 22, 2009

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