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A girl from Port Glasgow; a shit hole between a shit hole called Paisley and another shit hole called Greenock, best descirbed as Scotlands answer to the Essex girl!
"Hello my name's Irene and I'm fae tha Port, fancy a blow job"?

What's the difference between a Port Bird and a Walrus? One smells of fish and has a moustache, the other one's a Walrus!
by Snapper October 08, 2004
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A white person

Very pale white people's feet look blue when the veins are visible.
Man I ain't f*cking with a bluefoot chick, they ain't got no ass!
by Snapper October 08, 2004
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Snide Burberry usually worn by a Chav
So this Chave comes up to me acting all wide so I say "Fuck you, you Furberry wearing bitch"! He's like "What? it ain't fake so I'm like yes it is, the check's don't line up properly", next this all his other Chav homeboys start circling him pulling at his snide gear!
by Snapper October 08, 2004
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A chick that only appears around summer time and get's slammed by everyone before disappearing for the winter. (There's one in every hood)
Yo, I saw Summer Slam the other day, I had to pull over & get some, she was looking phat my cousin saw me dropping her off & offered to take her home, I guess he slammed her too.
by Snapper October 08, 2004
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One egotistical muthufucker.
Man, Quentin Tarentino thinks he's the greatest guy in the world just because he directed 4 abve average movies.
by Snapper April 16, 2004
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desciption of outstanding helmut
Martha is a wonderful lass...she gives tenacious helmut
by Snapper January 06, 2005
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