A large, portly fellow, usually of caucasion descent that feels he is better than everyone else. Typically feels he can reach goals and achievements way out of his league. However, from time to time, Big Business falls within a "grumpy" spell.
Look at Big Business over there talkin to that hot chick. There's no way he'll ever touch that!
by mister delicious February 22, 2007
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The actions of the large corporations.

These actions are the primary factor that defines peoples future in a purely capitalistic system. The ordinary people within this system don't elect those who decide what’s done.

Big Business usually keeps many goods cheap for us in the western world by screwing over counties in the third world and/or cutting corners thus hurting peoples health and/or trashing the environment. Big Business also often decides to make goods expensive even though they are usually still doing more of the same. When Nike trainers and Gucci woolen hand bags are priced at $100 nothing tangible is affecting the price only shallowness and greed.

Sometimes, when their public image is suffering too greatly and shares drop as a result, conductors of big business need to do, or pretend to do, things that can be considered ethical to boost their image. On occasion the law can also make them do this, however crack teams of lawyers and hefty bribes handed to politicians, judges and bigwigs in the media usually prevent this, it can be said big business practically owns the areas these dudes work in.

Big business can lead to great advances being released that revolutionize our lives but it can also suppress such great advances if no profits can be made from them.

If you are a person who has ever wondered why things are so shit or a rarer person who wonders why things are so awesome, big business is the answer.
Steve: Wow Coke fucked over that country pretty badly, privatizing their water supply. Poor bastards have to pay more for it than we do.

Andy: Yeah well, that's big business for you.

Santa: They probably invented these advanced phones donkeys ago. But to maximize profits, they have to release them in increments, wasting resources and other peoples money. It's just like those multi-bladed razors, Gillette make, they kept adding more rather than just starting with 5. Ahhh... Big Business...
by Voseros July 6, 2011
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A fat girl. Usually one you meet up with for sex but don't tell your friends.
If his boys knew Tevin had big business on the West Side, he would have never lived it down.
by ShadySar May 11, 2010
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Somethin worth explainin and/or talkin bout wit the crew. A consensus of somethin dat might be unexpected but remains a highlight. A point of converation.
"hey nigga, me and Tre were at da club and spotted deez 2 hottiez and dey took us back to their crib and fuked us good."

"Damn, dats big buisness!!"
by Fallen December 6, 2003
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I hate when I have to do big business at work!
by StephD134 January 24, 2008
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