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When teenagers, for any number of reasons combined with their hormones and stress from school, get depressed. Contrary to popular beleif, some teenagers actually do have it rough and have to deal with shit most adults don't have to. Other teens don't and just like to pretend they do. Either way, everyone has a right to be pissed off
Teen who actually has it tough and has teen angst as a result:

"I am really depressed man my parent died and nobody is helping"

Teen (usually a popular kid) who likes to think they have it rough due to teen angst:

"Man, nobody gets me I hate my parents bla...bla...bla..."
by J.D. Caulfield March 05, 2008

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Guys only crazier with nicer asses and boobs and much smaller penises
"Hey Allie how are you"
"What is that supposed to mean?!?!? I am fat, ugly and stupid but I masturbate at night thinkning about the guys who I hate like all girls do"
by J.D. Caulfield March 05, 2008

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