Adj: someone is all up in yer business, all the time askin you mad questions, all up in yer shit.
"Yo man stop fuckin sweatin me aight!!"
by NyNiCk June 22, 2004
Verb - As in to pay close attention to; to approach a member of the opposite sex.
"Damn, kid. You sure you should be sweatin' her? Your girl's at home gettin' fat wit' cho' baby yo."
by The Original OG April 18, 2003
Scared of; worried about; paying close attention to someone
Yo dawg, I was just up at the gas station, and them 175th street bloods was straight sweatin me!
by MC Skittlez April 3, 2003
To Want Someone's Body, To Yearn For, Must Have, Want To Touch The Hiny...
OMG, I Am Sweatin' Jason's Fine Ass, GIVE ME SUM
by Shelley March 24, 2004
Worried, stressing, or overly interested in somthing or someone's endeavors
Chris: "Yo that bitch Kelsey is going around spreading mad rumors about you, what you gone done?"

Patrick: "I'm not sweatin her right now I got other stuff to worry about."
by realnigganation January 22, 2015
"I was sweatin at the interview in case i didn't get the job"
by t1dylad January 15, 2004
*to like someone, think they are hott*
*Gurl, i heard she was sweatin him.
by LIL MEL BEH December 24, 2002