something that people think sounds cool in their myspace name when in reality they look totally stupid.
kelly in technicolor
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To vomit profusely, usually in many colors.
Sal's technicolor burp fucked up the bathroom rug!
by staccato brainstem February 14, 2005
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Gorgeous eyes, eyes with alot of color detail.
Girl 1: That kids got a killer smile.
Girl 2: screw his smile look at his technicolor eyes
by Emy-Status March 10, 2007
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After eating ten plates of lasagna, I did the technicolor yawn.
by sala January 17, 2003
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When you vomit into your partners mouth, or anywhere on his/her body, and you proceed to make out, passing the fluids back and forth between your bodies either through the mouth, or touching each others body.
Last night, my boyfriend and I had an amazing technicolor makeout scene
by Jimmy Ray February 6, 2004
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A type of bullshit above and beyond your ordinary, everyday bullshit. Typically used to refer to false claims and absurd notions.
"Karen at work told me that vaccines give your kid autism."
"That's technicolor bullshit, Sharon."
by Defensor February 18, 2019
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suzie left her technicolor yawn schrapnel all over the men's stall.
by skank January 12, 2003
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