the poo that sits around the toilet after u take a shit
After Dave took a huge shit in my basement, the shrapnel was everywhere
by S & H March 06, 2003
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The peices of shit when you crap that explode everywhere burn like acid
Chris Starks took a shit in my house and he missed the toilet and his schrapnel was everywhere.
by bob vila June 04, 2003
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The crap that explodes all over the crapper when taking an expolsive deuce, or the toilet paper balls that get stuck to your ass pubes after whiping.
Bob's shitter was full of Ass schrapnel. and Bobs TP was shreaded and left ass shrapnel all over his butt crack
by Pete Jones April 26, 2008
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when you blow so hard into the tissue that it blows apart. the part that comes out is snot schrapnel
you might want to check yourself dude youve got snot schrapnel everywhere.
by greg smith March 03, 2007
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