someone who thinks a tiny tax increase is tyranny. Also, one who thinks the best way to protest what they see as wasteful spending is to waste their money by buying teabags and sending them to someone who will never see them, nor will they ever be opened by anyone.
My teacher is a teatard, he tried to get us to "teabag the white house" the whole class burst into laughter much to his confusion.
by Rocky775 June 28, 2009
I will never go to England again! That place is swarmed with teatards.
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 27, 2010
someone who drinks so much tea, the become retarded
Bob: Lay off that tea man.
Phil: Why should I.
Bob: 2 times 2
Phil: Nail Sneaker Doorknob
Bob: You fucken teatard
by Dan Travis January 31, 2009
Joel, is it true that for every teatard in existence there is the equivalent and opposite libtard?
by MONTOYA66 October 7, 2015
an unintelligent tea party or republican obstructionist; a word that sarah palin finds acceptable coming from a right-wing pundit but unacceptable coming from a spitfire dem.
Senator Shelby is teatarded for obstructing justice and blackmailing the country in order to get perks for his own state.
by whispurr February 11, 2010
A person who believes one or more of the Tea Party’s slant on today’s political issues. Many of their rants are so bizarre and without basis that they weren’t taken seriously until the movement had grown to an alarming collection of right-wing extremists, thus proving that the number of insane people currently residing in the US was grossly underestimated. Some of their more bigoted, racist, religious or homophobic beliefs include:
 Obama is a Muslim Socialist and is not eligible to be president because he was born in Kenya.
 Obama is going to take away their guns.
 If Republicans gain control of the House, Obama should be impeached.
 Repeal the 14th Amendment so being born in America won’t mean automatic citizenship.
 Obama’s Healthcare Plan has a hidden ‘Death Panel’ clause so they can decide who lives or dies.
 16,000 IRS agents have been hired to jail people who don’t have health insurance.
Abortion is Murder. Every unborn child has the right to be born and survive to the age of eighteen so he or she can join the military and kill other eighteen year olds that have different religious or political views than they do.
 Church and State should be one.
 Gay marriage will ruin the sanctity of marriage.
 Evolution is a hoax.
 Creationism should be taught in schools.
 Global warming is a hoax.
 The Earth was created in 6 days and is 6,000 years old.
 Sarah Palin could become one of America’s finest presidents.
Man 1: I can’t believe that guy. He thinks Sarah Palin would make a great president!
Man 2: President of what?
Man 1: The United States!
Man 2: What? No way! He’s such a Teatard!
by Politic Ric October 27, 2010
An American Political Movement that is obsessed with the fact that they have to pay taxes, like every other human who has ever lived on Earth, and hysterical because of it. Their stupidity soars to new levels not yet achieved by the rest of Humanity. And they intend to prove Darwin wrong by breeding faster than anyone with above average intelligence.
The TeaTards may actually succeed in making this an Idiocracy by the end of this century.
by [TOM] ThunderDawg October 13, 2010