21 definitions by Punchy McAssface Jr.

A horrible mysterious odor coming from an obese persons body
"Oh shit. There must be a fat guy close by because I smell some straight up ape funk."
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 9, 2010
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Either piece of a dime which has been sawed or cut in half.
"Man, I got cotton mouth. I tried to get a drink for $1.05, but the guy at the 7-11 said my ghetto nickel was no good. You believe that shit?!"
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 17, 2010
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One who oversees all financial transactions relating to ones anus.
"Kevin has a thankless and foul occupation. He is the most popular asshole accountant in the tri-state area
by Punchy McAssface Jr. March 31, 2010
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Your balls seem to be uncontrollably sweating and emitting a foul odor, most commonly occurring in the hot summer month known as August. (This can also be used to describe these symptoms any time throughout the year.)
"Shit man, this sucks. I just came down with an awful case of August balls right before my blind date."
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 17, 2010
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A condition which starts with a gentle reminder that you have to shit. You sit down to shit like normal, but then suddenly, you feel a pain so horrible that you wish you are dead. This pain continues through multiple bowel movements. In time, your pain may ease.
"I don;t think I can ride a bicycle today. My ass is still sore from having a case of the burnies last night."
by Punchy McAssface Jr. April 19, 2010
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A Billy Joel Special is when a drunk driver crashes in to your house
"I was just having a quiet meal with my family, then all of the sudden, BOOM! I got hit with a Billy Joel special."
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 9, 2010
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I will never go to England again! That place is swarmed with teatards.
by Punchy McAssface Jr. May 27, 2010
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