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a game played mostly by males in which (when someone farts) someone calls "doorknob" and beats the shit out of the farter until he or she passes out or touches a doorknob... the farter can call "safety" to keep from getting the shit beat out of him or her.
1. steve farts
2. bill: "doorknob!"
3. a fight ensues
4. steve touches a doorknob
5. life goes back to normal

1. steve farts
2. bill: "doorknob"
3. a fight ensues
4. steve is too bruised and broken to get to the doorknob
5. steve never farts again

1. steve farts
2. steve: "safety"
3. the room stinks and bill does nothing
by wheatwillrockyou January 05, 2009
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Someone who has frequent sex, with anyone who will stoop low enough to fuck them, regardless of physical appearance and/or hygiene.
"So I heard you're dating that new waitress..."
"Yeah, why?"
"Dude, she's a doorknob -- everyone gets a turn. I tagged her twice last month. I saw your dad coming out of her apartment yesterday."
by Dharma Midget July 02, 2016
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a term for an easy girl who sleeps around. called a door knob because everyone gets a turn
yo that chick is a door knob dont wife that
by person December 10, 2003
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This is what you say when someone else farts and you notice it before they say saftey ,you say doorknob. You can punch them until they toucha doorknob.
by The clit commander April 10, 2003
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A complete idiot who doesn't have a clue about anything.
A: that new song by greenday is awesome!
D: whats greenday
A: you're such a doorknob sometimes
by superwomin July 29, 2005
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