Normally used to describe a movie or TV show (but also applies to songs, books, etc.) that is designed to make you cry.
— Last night we were watching Marley & Me, and we cried our eyeballs out.

— No wonder you did. All dog movies are tearjerkers.
by pimpschoolgraduate July 21, 2019
A movie that is often intended for women that had a sad, emotional ending.
Terms of Endearment was a tearjerker, because of that funeral at the end.
by Eric Hartman July 12, 2003
You perform this act usually after a bad break up or a death of a loved one. You use the tears you cried for them as a lubricant and jerk off in honor of them.
"My grandpa died last week so I used my tears and jerked off to honor his legacy, it was a real tearjerker
by Vanilla Water November 7, 2017
a kickass song from korn, the end, there is no other definition.
Listen to tearjerker or you will be forced to listen to Green Day.
by JoeSchmo September 6, 2006
A "tearjerker" occurs when a male flashes his penis at a woman and the woman cries. It is said to be a very, very difficult accomplishment.

Can also refer to the penis itself, if that penis has, at some point in the past, been successfully flashed at a woman and caused her to cry.
"Hey guys, did you hear that Brooks managed to pull a tearjerker while playing Truth or Dare?"

Brooks' tearjerker is the stuff of legend. I wouldn't be surprised if he cries whenever he sees it.
by CJY May 18, 2006
1. n. a person who cries when they masturbate.

2. n. a person who has a habit of masturbating while watching a dramatic movie or "chick-flick".

3. n. a song by KoRn off of their "See You on the Other Side" album.
What a pussy! I'll bet he's a fucking tearjerker.
by nofgiehehderegsdff March 1, 2006