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A term of Endearment is generally a means of expressing affection. The usage of this expression, however, changes significantly from person to person dependent on who the recipient of the endearing is.
Among two 'lovers', a term of endearment could be 'honey' or 'sweet heart', whereas among mates this is not appropriate. While among friends, an endearing expression could be something like teasing your mate jokingly (within reason).

Example: Among lovers
"That dress looks great on you"

Examples: Among Friends
"Stuff you mate, as if you got tickets to the concert!"
"Bit of a clutz there mate" (If they trip)

and so forth.
by Steve_OH July 14, 2011
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An endearment is a loving or affectionate word or phrase that you say to someone you love
Sometimes it will be a term of endearment, sometimes a term of abuse.
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by ,...., ....... August 31, 2019
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