One who attends or attended the University of Texas (t.u.) in Austin, Texas.

The term tea-sip (also spelled teasip, t-sip, or t sip) was started by students of Texas A&M University (aka. Aggies) in the early 1900's to belittle the well-to-do students of t.u.
The University of Texas was traditionally the "rich" school which pumped out doctors, lawyers and the like. A&M was the blue collar school which traditionally taught Agriculture and Mechanics (engineering).
The Aggies play the teasips on Thanksgiving day.

I'm sick of all those hippy teasips in Austin.
by Henry Hill February 8, 2005
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one who attends U.T.
My friend Mitch is a tea-sip.
by Aggie class '08 November 4, 2004
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Also known as "sipping the tea". To subtly yet effectively toss shade or sneak-diss. Originated from the Kermit the Frog meme. See also "But that's none of my business"
The deacon got caught tea sipping the pastor. So Pastor responded with tea sipping during the sermon.

Drake be tea sipping in his songs.
by graffmonkey3 July 2, 2014
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A student of texas university (t.u.) in Austin, TX. The nickname refers to the World War II era, when t.u. students were sitting around sipping tea while Aggies went to war. A variant of the term is t-shirt tea sip, identifying wannabe t.u. students at nearby schools such as Texas State and t.u.-San Antonio.
Look at those tea sips sitting around sipping tea and listening to Alex Jones on the radio, pretending to be intellectual.
by Texas Aggie Republican June 17, 2008
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used to tell someone to mind their own business

also see spill tea
"What did you two do last night?"

"sip tea"
by Schni schna schnappi January 8, 2019
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Present participle of "to sip tea" usually a meme in social media or chat room context of quietly, discretely or otherwise shrewdly taking part in verbal disclosure of some valuable, interesting or otherwise useful information. Whether in context of gossip or rumors about a celebrity or an important event or other information of value to the listener. The listener quietly sips tea as they drink in the information also.
Person A - what are you doing?

Person B - sitting here getting my fix of celebrity gossip, sipping tea.
by Jackson Heinz September 18, 2014
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when you hear some gossip and your telling someone about it
Brittney :*on the phone* hey girl I got some tea to sip with
Brittney: *sips tea* *whispers* linda is pregnant !
by jjmasterswag March 20, 2017
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