Olivias catch fraze for when she telling me that good tea.
Olivia: bitch i got some good tea
Me:okay bitch lemme see
Olivia:*sips tea*
by hyunsungiez July 19, 2018
You do this action to let nosey bitches know to mind there own business.
Girl 1: Soooo what’s the tea?!
Girl 2: *sips tea*
Girl 1: Fine I’ll go away.
by Thicci Nicki567 April 14, 2019
Meaning: As in sipping tea, when getting good gossip from a girlfriend over the kitchen table.

Usually used in social media (ie. tumblr) when posting gifs with comments about celebrity gossip. See Ristopher Tumblr about Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Listens to gossip.
Responds: "Uh uh uhhhh."
Figuratively sips tea behind the computer screen with big eyes and a smirk.
by DNTWNdoll September 29, 2013
Sipping tea” comes an image of the character Kermit the frog sipping tea. The phrase is used to say that something is not your business. It can also be used to reply to a complainer, to show that you don’t care.
I mean I would debate but... *sipping tea*
by AlexIrregular April 10, 2018
when you purposely drink something loud to throw shade at someone.
let me just start sipping tea, shes so annoying
by sipstea2001 July 12, 2016
John: "Hey man, did you sips tea last night?"

Marco: "Yea boi, it was the best fucking pleasure I have ever had in my life."
by ScheinBoi2005 July 18, 2018