Tay is the physical form of god herself, and was brought down to earth for the first time in the year 2020.
Since then, Tay has created her own religion, diabettism.
Tay is so cool, Let's sacrifice our children to her.

I really want to have segz with Tay.

I would literally suck a cactus for Tay.
by muhn January 31, 2021
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a cute boy that everyone wants but also is a fuckboy. he's very disloyal. if only he trusted someone with his heart. he also has a big dick. πŸ™ˆ
by bbycakes121 April 02, 2018
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A sweet girl with dark hair, big eyes, and a great smile. She's a varsity athlete, and a beast at bowling. If you know a Tay, you'll wanna keep her around. She'll help you through your hardest days, and always welcome you with open arms.
Guy 1: "Who's that girl?"
Guy 2: "That's Tay. She's amazing!"
by lilylvee April 02, 2021
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Tay is your average annoying person and he always says β€œOk” but he’s funny and fun person to laugh with. Flee, arsenal, and MM2 is usually what tay plays. Tay is a cutie. ;)
Hi, my name is Tay and I say β€œOk”
by September 15, 2020
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A hottie patootie. Person hotter than the sun and Earth's core combined. Hit her up.
It's so Tay outside. Lets go to the pool and cool down
via giphy
by Lovujadino August 09, 2016
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