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A derogatory term used to describe rednecks of the midwest.
Man, the Red Dog Saloon is filled with plowfucks tonight! Let's go to Hooters instead.
by K. Hartnell April 08, 2006

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A driver who lacks the inclination to choose which side of the road to drive on. The assumption being that since they paid taxes to build said roads, they will use any and all of it as they see fit.
That drunk ass son of a bitch is driving like a taxpayer! Stay back at least 500 feet until he runs off the road and plummets off of this cliff!
by K. Hartnell May 03, 2007

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Those who will only work just enough to get the task done or to maintain their job.
I bust my ass every day mechanically separating these chickens while the 51%'er fucks around all day. I'm gonna shove that bastard in the meat grinder after I eat my sack lunch grandma packed for me. I hope like hell it ain't braunschweiger and cheese again!

deadbeat lazy unmotivated dead weight
by K. Hartnell June 01, 2009

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