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People who are totally useless and non productive in American society. These people now roam freely while destroying the economic and social infrastructure of America.
Maria gives birth to baby Carlos in a county hospital. Because Maria used crack cocaine during her pregnancy, baby Carlos is born prematurely. This premature birth requires her baby to spend two months in intensive care. The hospital bills now add up to over 100,000 dollars. The hardworking taxpayers of America will pay for these bills.
Little Carlos is now enrolled in public school. Because Carlos has not been exposed to the English language in his early childhood, he must be taught in bilingual education. Carlos also receives free school lunches and his mother Maria is collecting welfare and food stamps. This is an additional tax burden for the hardworking Americans in this country.
Carlos is now a teenager. He has recently joined a street gang. Because of various crimes including drug possession and burglary, Carlos has been in and out of the juvenile justice system for most of his teenage years. During his teenage years, Carlos also impregnated two girls in his gang and has refused to accept responsibility.
Carlos is now an adult. His criminal record has grown to include armed robbery, car jackings and assault. He has spent most of his adult life in and out of jail.
Carlos is now addicted to crack cocaine. He has suffered two drug overdoses. On his 3rd overdose, Carlos dies.

Summery: A Taxpayers Burden, from birth until death.
by AHWWM March 16, 2005

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The act of a real estate agent showing minority homebuyers properties for sale in White neighborhoods only. This act causes a panic sale among White homeowners who fear high crime and stagnating or plummeting values of there own property. This panic sale creates more business for the scandalous real estate agent.
Since real estate steering occurred in my neighborhood and the minorities moved in, my property values have dropped by 10%. Crime has increased by 12% and my homeowners insurance is expected to increase by 15%. I didn’t buy a house to loose money, so I will be forced to sell my house before the property values fall even more.
by AHWWM March 16, 2005

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