The area between the sack (or twat) and sphincter, as minspronounced by my mildly-retarded friend, Mark, who didn't realize the correct word is "taint".
Mark told us his wife tongued his "tate" last night. We had no idea what he was talking about, then he said, "you know, the skin between your balls and asshole." We cracked up, not believing how a 35-year-old retard like him could possibly hold a full-time job as an English teacher and not know that "taint" is the correct terminology. He is now known by us as "Larry Tate".
by Douchefuckerman July 18, 2006
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tate is the most awsome and hot mother fucker you will find
always fucks brooklynes damn tate
by toty21 November 05, 2018
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The MOST meMEifuL BOIIi of this century.
This fucker is Mr. Shag Yo Girl.Tate is the definition of depression, charm and sarcasm. If you happen to come across a Tate. Give them fellowship and Love, but never hurt the Tate’s feelings.
Tate’s get along well with Robert’s, Alex’s, Connor’s, Bobby’s, Roger’s, and Jennifer’s. Especially the Bobby’s and Robert’s. As they are all memes.
Person1: Yo mate! Did you see that sexy meme over there?

Person2: Dude.......that’s Tate
by AlienPronce January 01, 2019
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Tate, an amazing, sweet, and handsome guy. He is very tall with perfect blonde hair. He is very hot, with an amazing body. Many girls fall madly in love with him. Tate is usually a player, but when he loves a girl, he can't help but only want her.
Tate can be very interested in something, but act as if he wasent. Tate is one of the most amazing guys you'll every meet, never leave him.
James; "Dayyum, is that even Tate? "

Alex; "haha, yeah, I wish I had a body like that... no homo tho."
by UnknownGorlA101 February 13, 2019
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One who lives life under the guise of a Mexican, mostly to receive pity from peers and anorexic girls.
"Stop making fun of that tate, he can't help it that he's hairy."
by Bluesilver30 April 25, 2004
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Another word for breasts, boobs, and titties.
If anyone could be shirtless whenever, it would make America Tate again.
by GenderNeutralBathroom September 17, 2018
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