Usually a homosexual mexican. His parents when he was young mught have thought he was a tranvestite this name similar to the name pat. Tate can either be a boy or a girl. Often is tall . Tate often wonders if he is going to die of gayness. I think we should rid the world of tates because there homoerotic...........................
hey you wanna chill with tate.
no its a fag and im not sure if its a guy or girl.
by Joshua Schmegma March 08, 2011
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A person who has light brown hair and brown eyes who is the sexiest person ever!!!
OMG start acting like a Tate, stop being a EMILY!!!
by happy days is the best April 30, 2008
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No onw likes him accept the girls who feel sorry for him but they really don't like him. Whenever he talks he makes no sense and it comes out to be "eeerrrrr". He leaves his mouth open all the time and drools. Also, when sitting next to a window, and mysterious moisture spot is made on the window. He also likes bagels...a lot.
Nicknames include: Robotate, Tater Tot, Hatebreed, Errrr Man, and Bagel Boy.
An example is just the stupidest kid you know times 45.8.
by J. Flute April 16, 2005
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A person who cant get any chicks, and clings to a girl because she's the only person who talk to him the girl being a whore
Tate: Hey slut Slut:Hey tate,
Tate: Hey "non slut" ,non slut: leave me alone
by Koopar July 16, 2003
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1.)A fucking asswipe that likes to lick other mans anus
2.)see asshole
3.)see needle dick
-wow i had a tate last night.
by ...........dot November 20, 2004
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A term the Best girlfriend a guy could ask for, a Tate is smart, semi shy, however easy to talk to when you get her going, gorgeous, witty, and trustworthy, you name it.
"Wow Thomas, way to go, your girlfriend is a real Tate!"
"Just started dating this girl, I don't want to speak to soon but I think she is a real Tate!"
by Tthetank February 03, 2014
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