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A male, usually very athletic. This person is usually tall, but can be short. A Tate also has amazing eyes, and hair. This person is very funny, and brightens up your day. The male, Tate, is also a very smart, and honest person! They are a cute and adorable person that everyone loves!
Wow! Tate is an amazing person!
by HiImaLlama September 10, 2014
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Sweetest guy. But misunderstood. He does some pretty dirty stuff but hes a good friend. Ignore his pervertedness and get to know him before you make any quick judgements on him. He also has the cutest smile. And big brown eyes.
So i talked to Tate
by telleroftruths49 May 01, 2013
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Tate is the transferred use of an old Anglo-Scottish surname which originated from an Olde English nickname, Tāta. Etymological study suggests that Tāta was probably brought to England and Scotland by the Vikings and is derived from an Old Norse word “teitr" meaning ‘glad, cheerful’. In fact, Teitr is a name of a 9th or 10th century Icelandic settler whose name was recorded in the medieval Landnámabók (a book describing the Norse founding and settlement of Iceland). In Scotland and northern England, the surname Tate dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. As a given masculine name, Tate is mainly used in the United States.
Tate is such a sweet guy...I love my Tata!
by kittyglittr June 23, 2016
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A shy baby boy with long, blonde hair. I met him last year at Whole Foods.
Me: Hi!
Tate: O_O
Tate's mom: Say hi.
Tate: O_O
Tate's mom: He's shy xD
Tate's mom: Give her a high five.
Me: (puts palm up)
Tate's mom: (bumps Tate's knuckle on my palm)
by Trisha1 August 22, 2017
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1. To knowingly supply answers to a midterm after being specifically told not to by the professor

2. To cheat on an exam
1. Yesterday I stole the test from the professor so I could tate my tutees.

2. OMG, I can't believe you tated on that chemistry test yesterday!
by testtaker April 28, 2010
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