1. To knowingly supply answers to a midterm after being specifically told not to by the professor

2. To cheat on an exam
1. Yesterday I stole the test from the professor so I could tate my tutees.

2. OMG, I can't believe you tated on that chemistry test yesterday!
by testtaker April 28, 2010
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Tate is a very cool guy and there is nothing not to love about him. He is liked by a lot of girls but is loyal to one at a time. Tate’s are very cute and no girl can resist. Everyone needs to have a Tate in there life he will make you smile and always make u want him. Tates also normally have big dicks so all the girls fall in love.
Friend : I’m feeling down
Tate: what can I do to help
Friend: I just need someone to cheer me up
Tate: I got you
by The goat of urban February 12, 2019
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"Oh shit, Jim, get out your tate! That woodchucks comn' right for us!"
by Minster Gatz March 02, 2005
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Tate. Tate is a wonderful kind,sweet,caring guy, with a amazing smile that lights up a entire room, he has a great sense of humor, beautiful blue eyes, with amazing dirty blonde hair, he has the cutest freckles and a sexy af body, super tall, and had a great style. tate is the kind of guy that you will fall in love with the way he talks how he acts around his friends his goofyness, how well he is with kids, how smooth he is when is comes to kissing and cuddling. Tate will have your heart from the beginning but be careful because he isn’t one to stay around long tate likes to take things fast really fast he doesn’t want a relationship he just wants to fuck. Tate could be a great boyfriend he’s sweet, caring, funny, cute, sexy motherfucker , he would always be there for you, super protective, if he got his pervertedness out of the way and essentially such a fuckboy he’d be a keeper. Tate is a mommas boy all the way ! He is also super good at track football and basketball he thinks he’s the shit. Tate is very good with his hands and is the best kisser.
Damn look at tate today he’s lookin hot af
by Serenity___vni October 29, 2018
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a nice, funny, caring person, usually a girl.

An attractive girl who everyone likes and is kind to everyone,

A girl with the prettiest eyes and the cutest smile

a joy in my day

the sunshine in my life
that girl is so pretty.

You sir are correct, she is such a tate!

I concur!
by Felix Deutschland April 05, 2013
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Spelled Pronunciation teyt

1. The act of being completely equal to one's opponent.
"How did your fight go last night?"
"Man, I completely tate'd the match"
by Jock Cas August 17, 2009
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