Yo, I thought I had yellow fever when I saw that girl, but she spoke Russian! My mom always wanted me to bring home a tatar.
by DarkJesterX January 17, 2007
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a turkic muslim russian that is from tatarstan in central russia
his name is azat he is tatar
by kukamara21 September 30, 2020
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A process of cultural, linguistic and political change by which an individual or a group of people come to identify as Tatars.
The Tatarization process that took place in Crimea in the 16th century brought a sense of cultural unity through the blending of the Greeks, Armenians, Italians and Ottoman Turks of the southern coast, Goths of the central mountains, and Kipchaks and Cumans of the steppe and formation of the Crimean Tatar ethnic group.
by sanya3 June 22, 2013
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1.) n. The opposite of gem or seed. Something that lacks gemmage or the components of a gem.
2.) adj. Lacking in speed or ability
1.) He just hit an absolute tatar.
2.) He is tataring around the bases.
by kenenedy December 16, 2004
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A person who has ascended beyond humanity and STŠFB. A true Jesus who died in a terrible battle against Jerko (Bosnian dragon who protects STŠFB and all its secrets).
Vesna: "I will take the throne off you, Saša Tatar!"
Saša: *dies* and resurrects 3 days after.
by AnonymousJerko June 11, 2019
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Any person who has a strong mental and/or physical attraction to people from Tatarstan and/or descendants of the Tatar ethnic group.

Tatar Fever typically refers to the Tatars in Russia, whose women are considered to be among the most beautiful in the world.
He has met many women around the world; however, he really has Tatar Fever.
by KenBlume November 28, 2011
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