An attractive woman who either is, or appears to be, a prostitute. Tart is a more pleasant word than slut and is usually applied to a woman, often French, who enjoys fucking for money. She will have a particular look with bright red lipstick, prominent breasts, eyelash and fingernail extensions. On the street, she is likely to wear a tight miniskirt with high heels (at least 5 inches) and black or red fishnet or seamed stockings. She will offer a range of sexual favours.
The most delicious tarts are to be found in the bars of the Pigalle area in Paris
by O'Flagherty May 20, 2007
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when someone smells like feet & ass
that boy Jack is TART!!!!!!
by BrickJona$ August 07, 2017
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While it has a cheap woman connotation, it has become a term of fun and endearment used against friends who act stupidly. idiot
Did you play that trick on me? You are such a "tart".
by luckywales October 16, 2007
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British slang term for a "prostitute", "hooker", or "hoe"
"Hey man, did you see that girl? She looks like a tart"

"Hey tart, fuck yourself"

by tyrannis January 03, 2009
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NOUN: 1. a pretty girl 2. a woman of questionable reputation but appears to be outwardly decent and good 3. a wanton, teasing woman

ETYMOLOGY: Tart is an actual type of desert (pastry), i.e. a "strawberry tart" or a "fruit tart," short for tartlet

TYPES: Goth tart (sexy pop Goth girl), Blonde tart, Punk tart (a sexy punk rock girl)
No matter how hard he tried, Adam was relentless in his pursuit of Kathy, a vindictive little Goth tart who's idea of seduction was listening to Thompson Twins in a graveyard.
by Danielle Belton January 26, 2005
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She believes his hickey is a birth mark. She's a friggen tart.
by Breeskieeee March 10, 2014
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