1) A foodstuff, normally consisting of a bottom, and sometimes, a top of pastry, with a fruit or savioury filling, eaten for dessert or as a main dish.

2) A slang term for a prostitute

3) A woman, who wears too much make-up, stilletto heals, very short skirts, and tight revealing tops, often in faux-animal print, and generally has too much flesh on display, thus revealing herself as 'sexually loose', or a slut.
1) The French Deli. sells the best strawberry tart.

2) The tarts often hang around this street.

3) The lady over there is tarty: Over 40s should not wear leather mini-skirts, and dagger heels.
by Coffee_addict July 18, 2004
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1. A woman who dresses and acts in a sexy, flirtatious way but who has a surprising edge; who may seem promiscuous, but is not.
2 A sharp, strong, pleasantly acidic taste, a pastry, usually made with fruit that is sweet and sharp at the same time.
1. Guy: Hey, you look so hot poured into that little dress. I can see your future, me and you doing it tonight!

Tart (sweetly): Hey, thanks, but I can see YOUR future. You and your hand, doing it again tonight!

Guy: Fuck you!

Tart (sweeter still): not if you were the last asshole on earth!

2. Man I love strawberry rhubarb pie, itt's sugary but it makes my mouth pucker, it's so tart!
by HawleyG March 14, 2014
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1. A pastry often filled with fruit jam or some other filling.

2. Having a taste that makes one's lips pucker.

3. A woman who intentionally appears easy (slutty) and often too boldly tries to find someone to have sex with but who is rejected every time and therefore cannot qualify as a slut. Also a woman who marries a man who has no interest in sex but who keeps trying anyways. A wannabe slut.

*note: these girls are often pretty and/or sexy but tend to have a self-esteem issue or emotional issue that turns off her prey.
Girl: Hey, what's your name? You're cute. Wanna have sex?
Guy: James... errr... who are you?
Girl: Why don't we find out on the floor of my apartment. Mmmm.
Guy: Have you no respect for yourself? Get thee hence, Tart!
Girl: Your loss. I really would have had sex with you.
Guy: Ummm. Yeah, that would never happen. *shudder*
by JoeyDG February 06, 2008
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(n)1. Female characterized by low rates and a loose vagina or defined as an easy score; 2. disparaging term for a homosexual male identified by his flamboyant lust for other men, fruity lisp, and tight clothing 3. A sweet pastry with a acidic fruit topping
by riz December 23, 2003
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An attractive young woman who either is, or appears to be, a prostitute. Tart is a more pleasant word than slut and is usually applied to a girl, often French, who is basically pretty. She will have a particular look with bright red lipstick, prominent breasts, often with false eyelashes and fingernails. She is likely to wear a tight miniskirt with high heels (at least 5 inches). Unlike a slut she will have a sexy glint in her eye.
The most delicious tarts are to be found in the Pigalle area of Paris.
by O'Flagherty February 11, 2007
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T.A.R.T's = Totally Awesome Rockin Tits

Boobs that make you go "OH HOT DAMN".
Oh hot damn mammi, you got some fine ass T.A.R.T's.

That bitch looks foxy in that yellow bikini. Look at the size of those lemon T.A.R.T's.
by Mr.Mark Guido February 26, 2009
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