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The term used for a pompous little posh boy who strolls around "uni" with wavy hair and wearing a jack wills shirt and a gillet.

Daddy has obviously sent this little weasel to private school and has spoilt him throughout his life.

Looks down to the 'dregs' of society (basically everyone not dressed in jack wills clothing) and turns his nose up at them whilst laughing at what their probable and less unfortunate upbringing was like!
Lad 1: have a look at that bloke over there sucking on a silver spoon and flicking his hair every two seconds

Lad 2: only one word for him mate.....Tarquin!
by tarkersdan February 07, 2011
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Tarquin(s) is a name to describe any douchebag of middle or upper class origin.

Notable habits include use of unecessary vocabulary, and their pursual of women by pretending to be interested in poetry. They tend to buy fair trade and are often vegetarian.
Coldplay and Keane are all Tarquins.
by MrSmiff August 26, 2009
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Some would describe as piffle whizz dong but on further acquaintance can only be described as fucking hot, sexy, funny, smart, totally delicious, tummy churningly yummy. Love love love .............The cougar says I LIKE IT Tarquin is one hot piece of ass
by Prokarenadol April 24, 2010
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A person who appears on a bluetooth search, but you will be unable to locate or find ever again. No matter how many people there are in the room/train/church/etc.
I tried searching for 'Foxxxy' on bluetooth again. I'm beginning to think this is a tarquin.
by i love tarquin November 09, 2007
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Tarquin's are funny, smart and talkative. Most Tarquin's either are very attractive and caring, or very attractive, but a dick to everyone.
Personally I know a few Tarquin's, and they aren't dicks to me.

Girl 1:
"Do you like tarquin, I think he's a bit of a dick."
Girl 2:
"Yes! Tarquin isn't a dick he's cute and funny, I'd totally date him!"
by xX_420_Blaze_It_Mate_Xx April 07, 2017
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a pantsless schmoozer who rapes women (or men, as it were).

thsi type of person also can be used as an alias when going in-disguise on-stage for cultural shows.

often full of wisdom because of their seniority, hence the anomaly of the tarquin.
naomi went on stage when they called her up, but told the mc her name was 'tarquin.' now everyone's gonna think she's a rapist.
by betchdeck November 05, 2009
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