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A person skilled in the art of ingratiating small talk – talk that is business oriented, designed to both provide and solicit personal information but avoids overt pitching.
Boy, that Tony, what a schmoozer. He went to a Happy Hour and got contact information on the Senior Partner at Boogle & Walters.
by Tom LaBelle October 05, 2004
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A schmoozer can be one of two things, either:

1.) Someone with the God-given talent of saying all the right things in order to secretly manipulate a situation so that his or her own concealed goals are fulfilled.

**For example, tons of guys at the bar are schmoozers. They'll say anything a girl wants to hear so she'll be more likely to take him back to her place**


2.) Someone who just charms the pants off of people for the sake of their own amusement.
Old woman: What is a strapping young man like yourself attending an old lady's 80th birthday party for?
Dude: 80? You don't look a day over 21!
Old woman: Tehe, you are quite the schmoozer!
by EloisePrettyPlease February 11, 2012
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One who talks smoothly. Smooth talker, sweet talker. Mostly used by men to get into a womans bed. Originated from one who's name is Cam.
Did you hear that Michael got into Jamie's pants... He must be a real schmoozer!"
by Mike September 08, 2004
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Huge flirt. Usually does it to make one girl feel special in the moment, but in reality does it to many others. A schmooze isn’t a mean person though, they just know what they want in the moment and go for it.
“Damn Zach, you’re such a schmooze

“What’s a schmoozer
by Girlinurcar January 18, 2019
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A word that descibes a sloppy drunk; mostly teenagers when drinking at parties
The drunk girl made a schmoozer of herself by hitting on her best friend.
by i've been schmoozing October 12, 2010
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