a tarian is someone who is sexy as hell and doesn’t care about a hoe. tarians tend to use the excuse that they are gay to avoid having any contact with woman
oh look it’s tarian, he’s so cute but i heard he’s gay
by sherwood.logan February 15, 2020
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Tarians are one of the most psychotic and meanest bitches on planet earth, they always want to be mean to everyone and wants to become a ginger. WHO WANTS TO BECOME SOMETHING THATS GOING EXTINCT
Bro i jus met this girl Tarian, she mean and shi but she bad as hell not gonna lie
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Someone who has a strict meme diet and only likes edgy memes.
"Hey Brian do you like my memes"
"No Rashnik your memes are not edgy enough... you know I'm an edgy-tarian!"
by Edgy Mania April 9, 2017
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Someone who lives on sugar, candy or anything carby. A play on the word vegetarian. The Adkins Anti-Christ.
"My sister is a Sweet-a-tarian....if it doesn't list some sugar derivative in the first ingredient on the nutritional information, she won't eat it. It is against her religion"
by SusanHunt August 27, 2005
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Some one who considers themselves vegetarian, even though they eat milk, eggs and seafood.
That lady's not a real vegetarian, she eats eggs, milk and seafood—she's a cheater-tarian
by lawrence De Plume August 3, 2017
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Someone who does not eat mammals.
A: Would you like ham and lamb on your pizza?
B: No thanks, but chicken and fish will be fine.
A: Why, are you some sort of bird eating, fish eating vegetarian or something?
B: Pesco-pollo-tarian, baby!
by Sadeanz November 26, 2013
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A person who eats fish as well as chicken
Wait why are you eating chicken? Aren’t you a pescatarian?

No I’m a pesca-chicken-tarian
by NotFoxy__ November 19, 2022
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