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1. A movie, show, or literature that has taken and processed by obfuscating the general plot by adding unnecessarily long conversations of a subject irrelevant to the plot (tarantino moments), random 70s style montages, women power that is obviously written or directed by men with a fascination with women's feet, and overrated gore and/or sex.

2. A movie, show, or literature that has had the general plot taken, and then bastardized into the form of what Quentin Tarantino believes is a great movie.
Bob - "Hey Joe! How was Inglorious Bastards?"

Joe - "Inglorious Bastards wasn't to bad. I like those old time spaghetti westerns of old wars. I can't wait to watch Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds!"

Bob - "Sweet! but just a for warning, the movie has been tarantinoized; don't expect to watch a remake. It's still good though."

Joe - "Are there subtitles?"

Bob - "More subtitles than spoken English."

Joe - "Darn. . ."
by The Smitty's G December 22, 2009
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