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Skanky, alcoholic slag that thinks she's an "actress" but is really just a complete tool. Devoid of any brains, common sense, morals, or integrity. Also, owner of a very famous pair of frankennipples.
by Nastina July 18, 2005
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1. An actress who thrives on her tabloid antics rather on her acting ability (disability)

2. A hot-air balloon
1. Tara Reid is a strong contender in this year's Academy Awards.

2. That Tara Reid reached an altitude of 30,000 feet.
by J. Rizal January 18, 2005
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1.)A drunk slut on a rampage

2.)A whore who was found hung over sleeping in a curb

3.)A cunt who has no morals what so ever

3.) An attention hungry fiend that has her nipples flying out everywhere, and pretends to not notice
Hayley: Like Oh my God Megan, Kellie like totally pulled a Tara Reid at last weeks party

Megan: Like Oh MY God, She is like, such a like slut! like
by S_Christina_G February 19, 2007
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A girl that is nothing but a fake, attention-whoring, peroxide-saturated, saggy implant-ridden, botox-filled cum recepticle. Can't act worth 9 shits as proven by "My Boss' Daughter".
If she was to die by getting glued to a toilet seat that happens to have a bamboo plant growing in it, thus growing at the very fast rate up her anus, then breaking her spine, I would rejoice.
by Oni-Unit February 20, 2005
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noun: A skank who is suddenly all against plastic surgery but she looks like Barbie and Paris Hilton gone wrong, A stupid coke whore

verb: To have your nipple peak without even knowing it
1. I hate tara reid

2. Oh crap I just pulled a tara reid!
by DizzyLizzy January 11, 2007
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When your tit or tits pop out of the shirt you are wearing. usually without a bra.
Amber was sleeping and rolled over and pulled a Tara Reid on Meagan.
by absolutelypdx July 10, 2008
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