describing a transcendent beauty that forever consumes the hearts and minds of any who gaze at its stunning perfection
georgeous >> gorgeous
by coop April 24, 2005
Amazing Hair, Amazing Voice, Amazing Everything.
Describes a boy thats so stunning that he turns boys gay.
oooo, hes so georgeous
by sasbee April 4, 2009
The state of being extremely hungover and tired, particularly on Monday mornings following a weekend full of shows
"Man, after all that partying this weekend, I feel georgeous."
by Stet January 25, 2008
Is a gay faggot who takes it up the arse five times a day and gives his skinny penis to his grandparents
georgeous is used in beauty
by saraht ayri May 1, 2018
The only word to describe just how hot George Eads is.
'Cause he's filthy, oh you know he's georgeous!
by Nigel Crane July 30, 2006
An extremely amazing and majestic godly human on MeetMe Live streams who loves grease and has an amazing stripe and strawberry smoothie . Specifically named George Yarid . 🦨Georgeous
Zeus : wow George has an amazing white stripe . He’s so gorgeous

Ranch: that’s because he’s Georgeous
by Someonethatluvstacobell June 25, 2022
Someone called George that is extremely hot or gorgeous and could get any girl or guy that he wanted to! Normally has Gorgeous hair, gorgeous eyes and an incredibly gorgeous voice.
George Henderson is extremely Georgeous so everyone thinks he's super hot!
by ursogayandyoudontevenlikeboys December 19, 2011