Same as the tongue twister, but with a more catchy name.
by TittayMaster June 15, 2003
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A signature blow job performance. Where you first tickle the penis. Than you wrap it slow to fast to slow around your tongue. Moving your tongue in spirals up, and down. Eventually deep throating the penis, and doing vigorous spirals. Than ending with a tickle on the tip, spelling out tornado, and than kissing the tip of the dick.
Sally, "I so tornado tongued Dan last night."
Betty, "Omg. He must have moaned."
Sally, "Tell, me about it."
by Amelia.Summers April 19, 2017
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When your girl takes your cock, balls and all in her mouth, and spins her tongue around like an F5 twister.
Man, that bitch got skills, I bought her dinner and she gave me a tornado tongue!
by lumpy1972 October 08, 2010
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When a girl with a tongue ring is blowing you so vigorously it comes undone and starts dangerously swirling around your dick like debris in a twister.
"Fuck man, things were going alright, but then her tongue ring came out and turned that shit into a tongue tornado. I ended up having to go to the ER."
by Lake Partiers May 04, 2021
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