Slang for shower(washing).


pronounced: (shou shou)
I'm going to take a showe showe.
by imdudley December 29, 2011
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(pronounced "sh-oww" as in the beginning of the word "shower")

The act of showering with another person. Related to shower sex.
Bob: "I just totally Show-Show'ed last night, it was aaahhmaazziinngg"
Nico: "I'ma get me a Show-Show right now!"
by nomnomzzz March 3, 2011
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a Chinese internet slang equivalent to “收收味” meaning literally "stop emitting your odor", used to criticize people who's being overly dramatic in one's actions or speech in the public/online. You can use "show show way/收收味" to ask those people to behave more appropriately.
-If only I could become Miss Diana's pet puppy...
-Show show way!
by NotVeryJoe July 2, 2022
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When you're in a hyped mood, feeling yourself, and you want to take a shower it's called a "Show Show." You might take a Show Show with music, a shower beer, or simply with heat blasting, rocking out with your **** out. Show Shows are taken fo sho sho, nothing less.
Her: Everything is right in the world. It's Friyay, home from work, and imabout to blast myself with heated water, drinking a beer in the show show fo sho sho.

Him: Don't forget the tunes yo! Sounds dope!!!
by tombechillen December 6, 2019
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The unfortunate event where a person is showing off (Ex: their money, life, face, etc.) so much that their repertoire could amass that of an actual show.
Oh look, Ramon is having another show-off-show today! He just sent me a picture of his Maserati at yet another angle!
by Confucius says July 23, 2014
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Taken from the film "Shanghai Knights". Best used when talking about a good song/show. Can also be said after hearing a funny topic.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
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