3 definitions by J. Rizal

A jewish reggae musician/rapper from Whiteplains, New York.
Matisyahu rocked the house in the Jimmy Kimmel show.
by J. Rizal January 18, 2005
A cartoon series during the 70's where the main character transforms into a 1-inch flying superman, while his buddy Yukk, the scariest-looking dog destroys anything by lifting his dog-house head cover and showing his face.
Might Man and Yukk finally beat Madame Sleep.
by J. Rizal January 18, 2005
1. An actress who thrives on her tabloid antics rather on her acting ability (disability)

2. A hot-air balloon
1. Tara Reid is a strong contender in this year's Academy Awards.

2. That Tara Reid reached an altitude of 30,000 feet.
by J. Rizal January 19, 2005