Word used to announce that the food and/or beverages are going to be shared.
F: "How about you order this pizza, and I order the other one, so we can do tapas."
E: "You mean sharing the food?"
F: "That's right, tapas."

J: "He that's mine piece of lasagne!"
M: "Oh I thought it was tapas."
J: "fuck off"
by faevmija January 3, 2012
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A verbal expression which is used as a warning if someone annoys you and he/she/it needs to be slapped in order to shut up. "tapas" is accompanied with raising your right hand.

The term is originated from Gran Canaria, where spanish restaurant promoters very intrusively ask you if you want something to eat "you want some tapas?".

You respond by saying "im gonna give you some tapas!" ─ meaning: you are going to slap him if he won't shut up.
'The promoter just won't leave Jack alone.

I think Jack's going to dish out some tapas.'
by bazzingaa May 2, 2010
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Another word for tits, developed by a group of english in late summer spain 2005
Did you see that bird she had a lovely set of tapas !

Check out her tapas !
by vestaxpdx January 26, 2006
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Tapas; an unfulfilling, miniscule, whore of a food that is as overpriced as it is unfulfilling. Involves foodstuffs that are halved and then halved and then halved about 10 more times, so that it can be 'shared'. Wrongly promoted as 'dinner' food, it should only ever be considered to be overpriced 'snack' food. Only ever acceptable and done properly in Spain.
Friend one: ''Let's get tapas for dinner.''
Friend two: ''Fuck off!''
by Melleh_Timez June 29, 2011
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Puerto Rican slang for a capsule filled with crack.
Tranquilo que las Tapas llegan a las 9.
Chill the Tapas will arrive at 9.
by yerba buena August 5, 2010
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Thoughts And Prayers And Shit. This is a term brought to prominence by The Detroitcast, a popular podcast out of Detroit. Thoughts and prayers and shit are sent out during tragic moments such as a dead baby or mass shooting. It is easier to send out meaningless TAPAS then to actually solve a problem or be useful in those situations.
Friend 1: Did you see that girl get hit by that bus?

Friend 2: Yeah, we should call an ambulance.
Friend 1: Thoughts and prayers and shit.
Friend 2: Yeah, TAPAS.
by Bigger_E April 27, 2018
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