7 definitions by tania

A hope-filled, truth seeking man that always is happy.
I am in love with Dar'kale!
by tania April 17, 2017
basambasa lagi puki ko kasi malibog ako.
by tania October 3, 2003
Hot n supa sxc

Lead singer of BEST BAND EVER

wicked in concert

by tania March 17, 2005
a cock, strudel, penis, shaft, meat and two veg, etc a description of the appendage between a males legs
"hey sweety, you wanna see my tallywhacker?"

"princess, how good would a mouthful of tallywhacker be?"

"bend over! here comes the tallywhacker"
by tania January 27, 2004
Choosing a better quality product/service vs. choosing more of that product/service with less quality
I would rather buy one diamond ring than 1000 cheap metal rings
by tania December 9, 2003
a couple; someone who is perceived as belonging to their partner
Mr Mac and Miss Cheese are an item.
by tania January 12, 2005
A kind of yobbo guy. Flanelette shirts, beer belly, mullet haircut, cruising the streets with their windows down. Very Australian.
A guy about 30 is a construction worker and he has his mates over to watch the footy (lots of mullet haircuts.)
Here's your chance to say, "Urgh, ya bogans!"
by tania January 21, 2003