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A form of 'moaning'. Primarily used by women to complain about nearly anything and everything.
Lisa nagged continuously from the moment she opened her eyes to the moment she went to bed.
by Robbo February 26, 2005

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undecided between two options
He was on the fence about dating Rhonda or LuAnn
by Robbo August 27, 2003

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A clubbing capital hidden in the mountains, check out the underground bar!
I got smashed in andorra last year
by Robbo January 21, 2005

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Cockney Rhyming Slang (UK) for "Portuguese". NOT a derogatory term unless used with another word(s). For example, "check out that fucking pork 'n' cheese wanker!"
There are a lot of Pork 'n' Cheese living over here these days.
by Robbo March 15, 2005

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A place of which to purchase alcoholic beverages, more popularly known in England as the PUB or in the land of the septics... "bar"!
I'm going down the boozer to get pissed!
by Robbo February 02, 2004

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Shortened from Sweeney Todd which is cockney rhyming slang for Flying Squad.

Also a Television show in the UK about the Flying Squad featuring John Thaw and Denis Waterman as D.I. Jack Regan and D.S. George Carter.
"We're the Sweeney son, and we haven't had any dinner..." Famous quote from Jack Regan in the TV show.
by Robbo February 26, 2005

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Slang word for a toilet.
I'm just off to the karsey for a brad pitt
by Robbo February 26, 2005

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