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Mythical hours that hardly anybody works anymore. Some might still work 8 hours, but they're mostly not 9-5.
Do YOU work 9-5? Do ya punk?
by adrian May 1, 2007
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Possibly the ugliest bitch on Earth, that for some reason Hollywood has deemed attractive. Looks like she weighs about 75 pounds and is notoriously slutty.
Paris Hilton is without a doubt one of the fugliest people on Earth.
by adrian April 15, 2006
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Before, originated in a misspelled e-mail between to bored software engineers.
by adrian December 11, 2003
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Aaron Lewis has a great voice.
by adrian December 21, 2006
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a gay person that resites gay poems that make no sense or very stupid.
by adrian August 18, 2004
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One HELL of a band. Easiy one of the best I've ever heard
by adrian January 16, 2005
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Wow... the first definition for organized crime? anyway, it's the mafia, not that crips/bloods bullshit.
But organized crime might run deeper than the mafia.
by adrian July 5, 2006
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