if someone behaves in an unpleasant or unfair way towards you and it affects you you take crap from it
1:You've done nothing for the last year, just wearing a hole on your pants in fron of the computer, you such a douche!
2: You may say whatever you want, Im not gonna take crap from all that and just walk away.
by Alex Lip May 19, 2009
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Pretty self explanatory. Can be accompanied by a session of jacking off or sucking cocks.
First I'm gonna take a crap, then jack off, then suck cocks with that swamp donkey.
by Jaimev July 10, 2005
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Meaning to seriously spew some bad language or something horrible, verbally.

Peter: Geez, man! Karen is such a *&#@% in a %$@&%$# with a &@$%$& on her @%$#^.

Sam: Wow, watch it dude! Karen's my girlfriend!

Alecia: Yeah, Peter. Way to take a crap out of your mouth.
by MissTwix March 28, 2009
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