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A small town in Michigan, which happens to be the true hometown of Michael Moore; despite his claims that he is from Flint. In reality Flint Michigan is roughly as far away from Davidson as South Central is from Beverly Hills.
Davidson is a small town in Michigan. People tend to clam up when asked about Michael Moore.
by August 06, 2008
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A small college town north of Charlotte North Carolina. It is patrolled by cops who have eaten quite a few too many donuts in their careers, yet will pull you for 5 over or passing on the right. The people are nice enough to you unless you are under 35. Great place to start a family!
I hate this fucking town Davidson.
by Matthew Wasburn August 14, 2006
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Calling someone a davidson is another way of saying someone is a lost cause and is a waste of space. Davidson's often crawl deep into the anus of unusually gargantuan chimpanzees and suckle the nutritious juice from monkey dangle berries.
My technology teacher is a davidson, his front door resembles the anus of a monkey.
by The Red devil hunter September 04, 2011
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a little town in rural north carolian. well known for it's annual parade in which participants (mainly Jamie and his friends) elephant-walk around the town. also known for it's extremely dumb population and girly-men.
Davidson was recently named the worst place on earth, mainly because of all the girly-men that roam the streets.
by michaelfoxtrot October 22, 2006
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He’s an amazing person. He’s intelligent is a realist and very logical. He’s super nice and fun to hang out with. It’s rare to meet people like this so once I found one there a keeper.
Oh my goodness is that a Davidson
by Eat tgatpussy February 20, 2019
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Being targeted or singled out by an authoritative figure with control issues and getting blame for wrong doings that you have not committed on the simple basis of the fact that they don't like you. Usually taking place in an educational institute where a teacher targets a certain student who may be behaving fine for the whole class's behaviour.
"The new food tech teacher is davidsoning me for the whole class misbehaving"
by ThiccZuchini August 23, 2018
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