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Taine is one of a kind... unique and extremely talented. His penis is so big it is scary. Watch out.

He is a rugby superstar that no one can match.
Every boy wants to be like him... every girl wants to date him.
I wish I were like Taine
by Geniusgenie April 18, 2018
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The most beautiful and sweetest girl in school. However, she's very emotionally guarded and tries her hardest to hide her emotions.
That girl is such a Taine!
by girllikethat February 14, 2012
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A highly disabled person that cannot speak properly. They are a slow learner with a very big penis that often reqires a wheelchair to carry.
That person acts like a Taine
by FortniteGod22 August 13, 2018
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highly mentally retarded or autistic who has a huge penis that is bent and watch's anime porn
"yo dude that guy is being a totally Taine right know"
by QH KDNRKV F May 28, 2018
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A hottie with a body. Usually skinny but has a six pack and is stronger than he looks. Good with the ladies but struggles to take it anywhere sexually. Feels lonely sometimes but has great friends. Quality memer.
Girl 1: wow Taine is looking cute today.
Girl 2: yeah I heard he has a nice dick, not too big but not small.
Taine: I’d love for u to suck it please.
by Good boy 166 July 23, 2018
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