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The act of playing a tabletop role playing game or similar game.
When are we tabletopping at Bill's? We've got a dragon to slay.
by Nick E. November 27, 2006
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Sexual position. Starting off in doggy-style, an overweight male takes his partner from behind and rests his gut on top of her back, like placing an object on a table. Lubrication may be added if desired.
Mate i table-topping the shit out of that bird last night....she took it like a bitch.
by ROFLMFAO2009 August 23, 2009
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When you have no wife so you shove your chode into the umbrella hole in a picnic table then let the bug crawl up your wiener hole and impregnate a fox. You must be a 40 year old pedofile to complete this majestic and stimulising act.
"Come on boys let's go table topping at the local pub beer garden"
by Lickymcfuckfox May 27, 2018
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