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A company who makes excellent computer that break.
And when they break, they stay broken.
Customer: "Ahem i have a problem with..."
Alienware Tech Support "FUCK YOU!"
* Hangs Up *
by sulpherdragon May 13, 2008
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An overpriced bran of computers. They sell you stuff for 5 grand that you could buy yourself and put together for maybe 1 grand. They put in great graphics cards, but end up having maybe a 300W power supply so it ends up dying. The only use for an Alienware computer is getting a graphics card that's out of stock everywhere.
Because of the 300W power supply, Bobs Alienware died a few days after his purchase.
by My name is Tim September 03, 2012
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Overpriced computers that anyone with more sense than money could build for at least half the price, and probably with better components.
Bob: Hey, I just got an i7 Alienware, only cost me $5000.
Alice: lol, I got the same rig and only paid $2000.
Bob: :(
by zanmato337 April 24, 2011
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Expensive ass computers usually being bought by spoiled rich kids who are too lazy to build their own computer. Not bad computers, but a rip-off. These tend to be ugly as hell, too. is your friend.
"i bougt teh alienwarez & its teh better then urs comps lol"

"Uh, no, my computer has better parts, and cost hundreds of dollars less. Plus, I don't have a gay ass case where the bottom-front breaks easily."
by Bryce November 22, 2003
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A VERY highly overrated brand of gaming CPU. They're overpriced, and their tech support is non-existent. The company lies to each and every single one of their customers (and non-customers) by falsly advertizing that they will fix any problems that happen under their warranty. NEVER buy anything from this company run by ignorant assholes.
Alienware is for rich people who want to play games but in reality have no fucking clue how to use Windows even to the most minimal extent. Buy a PC from an HONESTLY reputable manufacturer such as HP, and don't get ripped off by Alienware's bad quality merchanise and obscene prices.
by Lament For The Last Days May 12, 2006
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Great computer company that people like to bash. They make high end gaming PCs, although they are expensive.
OMG i hate alienware it sucks and is a pos and i cant afford 1 lemme go write a urbandictionary definition about it
by namebeingusedbysomeoneelse August 03, 2009
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a company that sells the best made computers and treats their employees like crap and pays them like crap for the amount of money theyre making of them.

hmmm, sounds like someone is disgruntled
anyone get any mistakes in their Alienware computer it's my fault for leaving my job.
by michael October 22, 2004
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