To push someone over backwards across a crouching accomplice.
Can be combined with the Five Second Rule. You have 5 seconds to commence beating the shit out of the person who pushed you (NOT the crouching person.)
Andrew tabletopped me and I kicked his ass.
by JoeBob1234654 March 17, 2007
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A laptop so big you can't actually keep it on you lap because it is heavy, the battery life is shit and it becomes too hot. You have to keep it on a table or counter. Tabletops are usually ballcookers as well.
This new Alienware is a real tabletop!
by MasterofAwesome January 14, 2011
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The act of playing a tabletop role playing game or similar game.
When are we tabletopping at Bill's? We've got a dragon to slay.
by Nick E. November 28, 2006
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when someone does a shot off of someones chest or bottom who is considered “flat”. Therefore they are a “tabletop”.
Daniel: Melissa! we should do a tabletop off of you!
Melissa: Okay! where do you want to take the tabletop? my butt or chest?
Daniel: Let’s do one off of both!
by High school Pimp January 21, 2022
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A variety of nipple that is noted for its extremely large size. If you ever heard someone say that a chicks nipples reminded them of dinner plates because of how big they were, theres a very good chance that she had "tabletops".
I couldn't figure out if she had pieces of bologna stuck to her titties or if she had tabletops!
by jazzfan00 July 24, 2006
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1st person: dam shes a butter face (LOOK UP BUTTER FACE)
2st:hell nah she cant be becuz shes a tabletop
by abbyisnobuttaface January 7, 2008
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You're so tired your head keeps falling forward. You're able to catch yourself mid-head fall most times, but eventually you smack your face on the table or whatever might be in front of you. IE. Keyboard, plate of food, etc...
Look at Bobby. He's about to do the Tabletop Bebop!

Jim must have had a rough night, he's doing the Tabletop Bebop.
by KforKendetta November 27, 2010
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