Percocets is a painkiller used to relieve acute and short term pain, as well as constant vomiting and nausea.


It is prescribed more often by doctors because it is very effective and is usually less addictive than morphine.Although, because it is prescribed more often, it has a bigger chance of being abused.
It's a blend of oxycodone HCl & acetaminophen, It can come as a tablet,pill, or a strong gel that can be rubbed on the skin if the patient is throwing up.


Percocets makes you feel warm, occasionally too warm to the point that you sweat a little, but also makes usually understandable and simple questions confusing. You also get very drowsy on this drug. If you try standing up, you may find that its hard to keep balance, so it's really best if you sit.


You should not try to drive or operate machine while on this drug, also stay out of sunlight, your eyes will be very sensitive to it. Caffeine and percocets don't mix very well, I would recommend that you don't drink any because it makes you go hyper in short spurts that annoys the hell outta everyone around you. Do not drink on percocets, this can CAUSE you to vomit.

Also do NOT take percocets in gel form orally, it is VERY strong and is only meant to be absorbed through the skin. Do not crush the pills or tablets. Overdose of this drug can cause liver and kidney damage, or even death.
After my oral surgery today, i received the painkillers;percocets in a gel form, oxycodone in pill form, and the antibiotic; amoxcillin.
by paigedl662 March 25, 2010
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A Percocet is a prescription drug that people take, sometimes, as a substitute heroin or morphine, when taken in large quantities. It is often referenced in rap songs, along with the abundance of other drugs. The drug itself is a combination of (the opioid) oxycodone and (the mild pain and fever reliever) acetaminophen. The reason it is budget and/or not illegal heroin or morphine is because when taken in large doses it can cause feelings of euphoria/heightened pleasure and/or feeling(s) of calm and/or relaxation.

But, don’t take it if you think it is all safe as it is not.
An example of percocet used in rap is in The rapper lil skies’ song: ‘Fake’.
by CyroNub December 2, 2018
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Prescription painkiller containing Oxycodone and Acetaminophen (Tylenol). Oxycodone is the same drug that is in Oxycontin, although the dosages in Percocet are much lower. Prescribed for moderate-severe pain.

"Yo my doc gave 20 percocets for breakin' my nose in a fight"
by WSB15 February 22, 2006
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Know as "Goodness", "Miracle", "Life saving"...drug that helps take away pain and depression so people are able to live a happy life. * The most lied about drug by the FDA, CDC, and Trumpy Bear. * The most favorite subject used to brain wash society. * "It must be painful to have flesh eating disease but don't take that percocet, it will turn you into a drug addict"
"It must be painful to have flesh eating disease but don't take that percocet, it will turn you into a drug addict"
"It's okay if you blown your brains out because you live in chronic pain, but DON'T overdose on those percocet!"
by Irish Strawberry Blonde January 13, 2019
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"Doctor, my life hurts, I need some percocet. Now GIVE IT HERE!"

Brad drove for 1 1/2 hr and went to some run down trailer park full of undesirables for some percocet.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
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1. the worlds coolest pain killer next to morphine
2. great when taken 5 or 6 at a time
You're really gonna perscribe percocet for this? sweeeeeeeet
by aj skywalker July 12, 2003
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a term used when molly got that mask on with big foreigns
by $NOWKONDR May 26, 2021
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