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One of the two high schools in Danville, CA. It is the "less" rich school in Danville. It is true, but the fact is that both schools are incredibly rich. Most of the students are stoners who will smoke weed or go to parties on the weekend and will post on Facebook how drunk or stoned they got. There is also a large case if wankster in SRVHS; any kid that sags their jeans, listens to rap, and is friends with one of the few black kids thinks of themselves as black. This is a problem that continues to spread. The teachers are either extremely great or extremely bad. The majority of students at the school are way too spoiled for who they are; literally less than an eighth of each graduating class goes to an actual college while the rest all go to DVC. The smart students are some of the smartest out of everyone even though people think otherwise. The sports at SRVHS that are great include: football, cross country and track, soccer, and lacrosse. Many people at the school are fake; almost none of them show who they truly are and those that do aren't usually "popular", and half the people don't even know who the popular people. The girls that think they are hot are usually anorexic. There are in fact hot girls at SRVHS that don't try to overdo themselves. Many people try to say otherwise because they say people at SRVHS are rich enough to make themselves look whatever like they want, when this is usually opposite of the truth. Most of the students listen to crappy pop music because it's the "in" thing to do. SRVHS also always dominates it's rival, Monte Vista, at everything. Monte Vista is truly the rich kids school, while you could call SRVHS the "poor man's rich kids school" if that makes any sense. Overall, SRVHS is a great school that could be better if the students were real. People may say that the school sucks because it's in a wealthy area, but it is a great school, mainly from the wealth, just like with Monte Vista but more so there.
"Hey man, I'm so cool gangster. I listen to 50 Cent and Lil Wayne"

"No you're not. You go to San RAmon VAlley High School."
by tmlman March 21, 2009
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