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A Soviet WW2-era medium tank.
While not as rugged as German Tigers, the T-34 crude diesel engine was more resistant to extreme cold weather.
by Gene April 07, 2004
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Russian medium tank of World War II and early after. It's well shaped armor, diesel engine and 76.2mm gun was a world beating combination during the early war period. It was also built in large numbers due to it's simple, yet crude design. Its armor configuration was influential in the design of the German Panther and RoyalTiger tanks.
The T-34 was immobilized by enemy fire.
by NickF07 March 21, 2007
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Single engine turbo prop primary trainer for the Navy introduced in 1975. Has sophisticated onboard equipment with the ability to predict the weather and break the plane whenever the weather is good. Also known for it's intense power reaching 0.3 mach at full throttle.
I'm going to fly a T-34 tomorrow! Nevermind it broke again.
by mach3_dangerous April 28, 2009
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