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Something everyone expects, but has no willingness to show.
I ain't no bitch, How 'bout some Mother fucking respect.
by Gene November 11, 2003

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One of the greatest presidents ever. Fought for the concept that secession was unconstitutional (as it violated the concept of democracy--if the guy you voted for lost, you have to deal with it) and aided in the disestablishment of the institution of slavery. Though the Hartford Convention did consider secession, it was not the main focus of the agenda, and was political suicide for the Federalists. Moreover, limiting free speech during times of war is not something unique, as it has happened many times since Lincoln's day. It should also be noted, secession is mentioned nowhere in the Constitution as a right, it is mentioned in the Declaration of Independance, but that was not a legal document. Therefore he didn't deny anyone anything unusual.
Samurai Lincoln preserved the Union because he was a secret samurai (HAYA!).
by Gene February 23, 2005

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A German WW2-era heavy tank.
Upon production, the Tiger, with its heavy armor and an 88mm PaK main gun, was arguably the best tank in the war.
by Gene April 07, 2004

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A Soviet WW2-era medium tank.
While not as rugged as German Tigers, the T-34 crude diesel engine was more resistant to extreme cold weather.
by Gene April 07, 2004

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Apartment dating is when a woman invites a man over to her apartment in lieu of the couple going out for a date.
A woman should not apapartment date; instead, she should make the man take her out and spend some money on her.
by Gene July 10, 2003

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An expression of approval
You's guys are so terrifical.
by Gene October 07, 2003

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im from jersey man :)
pastakids da master cook :)
by gene September 24, 2004

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