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When analyzing the effectiveness of vehicles of the same tier in War Thunder, a popular WWII vehicle shooter game, one will find an unusually high amount of effectiveness in Russian vehicles, particularly in the mid to high tiers. This has led some to believe that gaijin (the Russian company that made War Thunder) biased it on purpose.
Player 1: KV2 sniped me from across the map... Russian bias...
Player 2 (the one who sniped player 1): xaxa
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by RECKOCHET June 13, 2018
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A timed moment where Stalin assists specifically anyone who is the Soviet Union, From the old and special Po-2 bomber bi-plane to the famous, powerful and fast MiG-15/17/19 fighter jet, from the T-26 manueverable and small light tank to the worldwide used T-55A MBT (correct me)

Stalin will assist with the amount of penetration shells can provide, or help a rolling Tu-4 near its doom, stop spinning and climb back to safety
The Yak-9T is made with a special, Russian Bias 37mm NS-37 aka "Fridge Launching" cannon

The MiG-17 can reverse repair at certain points of the aircraft by damage the same amount at the same place (same to other side) due to Russian Bias

The Tu-4 is known as the Russian Death Star for its B-29 copy replacing 12.7mm mg turrets with 23mm autocannons, making the Tu-4 nearly the pure Russian Bias

Po-2 is an extremely slow, but damn mavueverable, confusing the hell of German pilots and comes with special stalinium airframe, make it survive more likely against 30mm MK 108s and air-to-air collisions, and also an RP grinding machine.
by DeadassDefs October 02, 2017
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1)Used as an excuse for sucking ass in games, usually by salty players in games like world of tanks and Warthunder.
2) When you drink all the vodka, say cheeks breeki constantly, and listen to the national anthem of the USSR you may achieve this power as Stalin guides you to victory from his grave sending all the infidels and fascists to the gulag.
1) Hans: *dies whilst playing against a Russian vehicle* "Fucking russian bias!"
2) Ivan: "I have achieved MAXIMUM Russian Bias!"
by TheGermanDoge July 27, 2016
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